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NutraGold Super Premium Dry Dog Food

Why should I feed my dog NutraGold dry dog food?

When the people at NutraGold describe their food as “super premium”, they’re not boasting. Everything about NutraGold dry dog food is simply exceptional, from the ingredients list to the way your dog wags their tail as they’re emptying their bowl. This grain free food is made in America, and every bag is loaded with real ingredients, including veggies, fruit – and, of course, protein-rich meat. It's food that's worth boasting about!

What are the benefits of grain free dog food?

A grain free diet is easier for your dog to digest, and helps your dog feel full for longer. When you feed your dog NutraGold, or any other grain free food, you don’t need to fill their bowl quite so much. A little goes a long way! In addition, a grain free diet might benefit dogs with allergies, and result in increased energy, a shinier coat – and even less poo for you to clean up! We call that a win...

What happens if my dog doesn’t like NutraGold?

We’re pretty sure they will. But just in case, NutraGold, like many of our premium dog and cat food brands, is covered by our palatability guarantee. If your dog’s not thrilled by their new food, whether you shop online or in-store, you can send it back to us for a refund.

What do I need to know about shopping with Habitat Pet Supplies?

For starters, we love to keep our customers happy – check out our online reviews to find out what people are saying about shopping with us! We’re a little business with big dreams – and, just like you, we love our pets. That’s why we only stock brands we know and trust. Still curious? Get to know us a little better here.
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