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Advance Dog and Cat Food

What makes Advance pet food unique?

Advance is not only made in Australia, it’s made specifically for Australian conditions. Here in Australia, we love spending time out in the great outdoors…and so do our pets! That's why the team at Advance has developed recipes that enhance the everyday wellness of Australian pets, providing them with all extra hydration, energy and skin and coat protection they need.

Why should I feed my pet Advance?

It's easy. Advance is super-premium nutrition for your pet, developed by a team of nutrition experts to provide dogs and cats with a complete and balanced diet that not only meets their dietary requirements, but tastes great too!

What does Advance’s range include?

Advance has a huge range that includes dry dog food and wet dog food, as well as a section of dry food and wet food for cats. There's food for puppies and kittens, food for specific dog breeds - and lots of flavours. Worried you’ll make the wrong choice? If your pet’s not thrilled with their food, you can always take us up on our Palatability Guarantee.

Why should I shop with Habitat?

Habitat is Australia’s newest home to pet supplies! We have three stores here in Melbourne, but thanks to the magic of the internet, we’re now shipping orders all over Australia. Find out more about the Habitat team right here.
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