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Wet Cat Food

Wet Cat Food

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Wet Cat Food

Is wet food good for my cat?

It’s great for your most cats! Especially if your cat isn’t drinking enough water, or they’re getting on in years. Wet food contains a lot more water than dry food, so it’s the perfect way to keep cats who insist on drinking water from the bathroom floor or kitchen sink hydrated and healthy. Most cats agree wet food tastes great too!

Should I feed my cat wet food and dry food?

Serving wet food and dry food together is an excellent option. Many brands have a feeding guide to let you know how much wet and dry food you should feed your cat, so sticking with wet and dry food from the same brand is best. Just keep in mind that wet food, unlike dry food, shouldn’t be left to sit around uneaten for too long. If your cat hasn’t eaten their wet food within an hour, discard the uneaten food. You snooze, you lose.

How do I choose the best wet food for my cat?

The great thing about wet cat food is that it’s often available in single pouches or cans, so unlike dry food, you can afford to buy a selection of different flavours for your cat to try before you commit to a larger quantity of cans, or a box of pouches. Plus, cats love variety, so try mixing things up with different tastes from time to time.

Can you tell me more about Habitat?

Sure! We’re a small business with big ideas – and we really get what it’s like to love pets. We’re based in Melbourne, with stores in Altona North, Burwood and Chirnside Park…but if you’re not a local, you can shop with us online. We send out orders all over Australia every day. With no-nonsense flat rate shipping, it’s no wonder! If you’re curious, you can take a peek at what our customers are saying about shopping with us here, or read more about the team behind Habitat here.
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