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Dog Bowls & Feeders

Dog Bowls, Slow Feeders and Water Bowls How do I choose the right bowl for my dog? To be... Read more
Dog Bowls & Feeders

Dog Bowls, Slow Feeders and Water Bowls

How do I choose the right bowl for my dog?

To be honest, your dog probably doesn’t mind too much what their bowl looks like. Chances are, they’re much more interested in getting to the food inside!

When you’re choosing a bowl for your dog, take into account the size of your dog. Big dogs have even bigger appetites, and a little bowl just won’t do. Most of our bowls are available in a few sizes, so make sure you choose one that’s perfect for your hungry pupper.

What are the best bowls for dogs?

The best bowls for dogs make it easy for them to their favourite thing: eat their food! Ideally, dog bowls should also look good too – and it also great if they’re easy for you to keep clean. Some of our favourites are these simple stainless steel bowls from Bella Design. We’re also big fans of FuzzYard bowls. They’re seriously cute, and their removable stainless steel inserts are dishwasher safe. We also love Lickimat’s range of slow feeders.

Are slow feeder bowls and mats good for dogs?

Dogs love food. Sometimes a little too much. Gulping down food isn’t good for your dog. It leads to digestion problems which can make your dog not only really uncomfortable, but seriously ill. Slow feeders force your dog to work harder for every bite. They might hate it at first, but it’s good for them in the long run! Here's our complete range of slow feeder bowls.

What about water bowls for dogs?

Pretty much all food bowls are also suitable for water. You need to make sure your dog has access to fresh water at all times. If your dog’s not drinking enough, try a water fountain - or introduce wet dog food to their diet!

Why should I shop online with Habitat Pet Supplies?

We can think of a few reasons. Like our huge range of gear for dogs and cats, as well as birds, reptiles, small animals and more. We’re based in Melbourne, and we send out orders to people (and pets!) all over Australia every single day. Find out more about Habitat here, or take a look at what our customers are saying about shopping with us here. Welcome!
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