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Puppy Food

Wet and Dry Puppy Food What’s the best puppy food? Now that’s a difficult question to an... Read more
Puppy Food

Wet and Dry Puppy Food

What’s the best puppy food?

Now that’s a difficult question to answer! The thing is, you can’t go wrong when you choose premium puppy food from Habitat. We sell the brands we sell because we believe in them – and we know they’re the best around. As pet people ourselves, we understand what it’s like to want to give your pet the very best, right from the beginning. You can trust us to help you look after your adorable new puppy.

What kinds of puppy food are available?

Our range of puppy food includes dry food as well as wet food. If you take a look at our raw food collection, you’ll find some puppy food over there as well!

Some premium brands, like Ziwi Peak, Balanced Life and K9 Natural don’t make food that’s specifically for puppies, but their whole range of food is recommended for puppies and adult dogs alike. It’s just that good.

Other brands make food that’s formulated just for pups. Take a look at Black Hawk, Ivory Coat, Orijen and Taste of the Wild – just to name a few. Then there’s Royal Canin and Hill’s Science Diet. They’re brands that make very specialised food, based on your puppy's size...and even breed!

What makes puppy food different to food for adult dogs?

Puppies have different dietary needs to adult dogs. Generally speaking, food that’s made for puppies is higher in protein and fat, which boosts their growth when they’re young. Small breeds, like chihuahuas or toy poodles, should switch to adult food after around nine months. Large breed dogs should continue eating puppy food until they’re around 16 months old. As for medium size dogs? They can switch to adult food after a year.

Why should I buy puppy food online from Habitat?

We really care about pets, that’s why. We’re based in Melbourne and have three locations so far – Chirnside Park, Altona North and Burwood – but we’re all one big team of animal lovers. Wherever you and your puppy live, get your puppy food online from Habitat. We’ve got an amazing range, fantastic prices – and no-nonsense flat rate shipping. Here’s what our customers are saying about shopping with us.
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