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Cat Food Online

Cat Food Online

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Cat Food Online

Why should I buy cat food online from Habitat, when food from the supermarket is so much cheaper?

Sure, supermarket food is cheap, but is it really good for your cat? You might not have heard of brands like Taste of the Wild, Black Hawk or Ziwi Peak yet, but we’re here to convince you to take a look. All the brands we stock are filled with top-shelf ingredients, designed to make sure your beloved kitty lives their best life. All nine of them.

So yeah – our brands are more expensive. But it’s because they’re simply better. Once your cat's tried premium food, we're confident they won't want to go back.

But my cat is fussy! I mean really, really fussy…

We get it. If you’re worried your cat’s not going to deal well with a change of diet, take a look at our Palatability Guarantee. If you buy a bag of dry food online or in-store that your cat can’t stand, you can return it to us for a refund or exchange.

Remember, it’s important when changing your cat’s dry food to do it gradually. Over the course of a week or two, start mixing in a little of your cat’s new food with their old food, adding more and more every week until their bowl is filled with new food.

As for wet food? Try buying a single sachet or can to see what your cat thinks before making a big investment.

Should I feed my cat wet or dry food?

Both wet food and dry food have benefits for your hungry kitty. Dry cat food helps clean plaque and tartar from their teeth as they eat, and it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, wet cat food is super tasty and rich in moisture, which is great for cats who drink water from everywhere apart from their bowl. So as the cute kid from the taco ad says – why not both?

What other types of food will my cat like?

We know lots of very lucky kitties who enjoy a raw cat food diet. Raw food is literally raw – patties of fresh, frozen meat, split into portions and ready to feed to your cat. Check out our selection here, but keep in mind that our raw food is available for in-store purchase or click and collect only. You’ll need to live near a Habitat store to purchase raw food from us.

Tell me more about Habitat!

No problem! We’re based in Melbourne and have three locations so far – Altona North, Chirnside Park and Burwood. But now we’re online, cat people all over Australia are discovering we’re the best place to buy all the best cat food online. We offer convenient flat rate shipping, as well as Afterpay and Zip as payment options. Still curious? Here’s our story.
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