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Catmate Cat Litter and Cat Litter Trays

What makes Catmate cat litter different?

Catmate Cat Litter is made right here in Australia using all-natural, recycled wood pellets. It’s heavier than other cat litters, which makes it difficult for your cat to track it out of their tray. But best of all, when Catmate cat litter is exposed to moisture, it breaks down into powdery sawdust, so it’s super easy to clean up.

And then there’s the Catmate Sieve Litter Tray, which makes things even easier still…

How does the Catmate Sieve Litter Tray work?

It’s genius. The Catmate Sieve Litter Tray has two layers – the bottom tray is like an average litter tray, while the top has a perforated surface. Put Catmate cat litter in the top layer, and when your cat uses their tray, the used litter becomes sawdust. When your cat’s not around, give the tray a big shake and the wet litter will move down to the bottom tray. Then just scoop any solid bits in the top tray out and you’re done!

Won’t it cost a fortune to ship big bulky bags of cat litter to my address?

Nope. Here at Habitat, we offer competitive flat rate shopping. Getting your cat's favourite litter delivered is easier than ever.

Interesting! So – tell me more about Habitat…

We’re based in Melbourne, with three stores so far. You’ll find them in Altona North, Chirnside Park and Burwood. If you’re a local, come and say hi! If not, take a look at our huge range online. We stock all the biggest names and best brands. If you're still curious, here's what our customers are saying about shopping with us. Or you can find out more about Habitat here.
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