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Cat Treats

Cat Treats

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Cat Treats

What? You thought treats were just for dogs?

Nope. Cats love treats just as much as dogs. Maybe even more so? Once you’ve found your cat’s favourite treats, all you need to do is shake the bag and they’ll appear from anywhere in a flash.

Are treats healthy though?

The thing about treats is that they’re treats. You don’t give them to your cat all the time. As much as your cat would like that...

They’re a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your cat. And they’re part of a balanced diet. We're big fans of Greenies Dental Treats for Cats, which help clean your cat’s teeth as they chomp. If you want to make your cat work for their treats, try a small Lickimat or the Kitty KONG!

What kinds of cat treats can I buy from Habitat?

Our range includes Absolute Holistic air dried treats for cats, Blackcat Treats, Temptations treats and Freeze Dry Australia treats – they’re made in Australia and freeze dried at a state of the art facility right here in Melbourne. Try different flavours and brands to find your kitty’s favourites! Your cat won't mind experimenting a little...

I’m new to Habitat. Can you tell me more about yourselves…?

We’d be delighted! We’re a small business based in Melbourne, with three big green stores so far. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, drop by and say hi! Of course, we’re also online, and we ship orders out all over Australia every day. Our no-nonsense flat rate shipping makes it easy. Here’s our story, if you’re still curious…
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