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Cat Scratchers

Cat Scratchers Should I get my cat a scratching post? If you like your furniture, defini... Read more
Cat Scratchers

Cat Scratchers

Should I get my cat a scratching post?

If you like your furniture, definitely! With no alternative, your cat will find other stuff in your home to scratch, like your carpet, chairs and couch. Especially if your cat is an indoor cat who doesn’t have access to trees and wooden fences to scratch.

Why do cats need to scratch stuff, anyway?

Cats don’t scratch our furniture because they’re misbehaving – they scratch because it’s a totally natural behaviour that helps them in many ways. Scratching is relaxing, it’s great for sharpening their claws and it lets other cats know that this is their territory.

Rather than punishing your cat for behaviour that’s totally normal, get them a scratching post, so they can channel all that energy towards an activity that’s a little more furniture-friendly. Our range includes scratching posts of all sizes, so there’s something for every home - and every cat.

My cat’s still scratching the couch though…

If your cat still prefers the couch to their scratching post, try moving their scratching post to a location that’s more suitable for your cat. Try positioning it near one of their favourite places to sleep, or near where they eat.

If your cat’s still obsessed with destroying your sofa, try Aristopet’s No Scratch Spray to let them know that the couch is off limits. You might also want to spray your scratching post with Aristopet’s Catnip Spray to make it even more appealing.

Why should I buy a cat scratcher online from Habitat?

Simple. Here at Habitat, we’ve got a huge range and great prices – not just on cat scratching posts, but across absolutely everything we sell. There’s no need to worry about shipping costs when you shop at Habitat. We offer clever flat rate shipping, plus flexible payment options, including Afterpay and Zip. You can find out more about Habitat here, or take a look at what our customers are saying about us here.
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