DIY Dog Wash


Dogs can be total divas when it's time to take know. We'll spell it out: a b-a-t-h. Luckily, we’ve got the perfect solution: bring your dirty doggo to Habitat and treat them to our DIY Dog Wash!


Really, our DIY Dog Wash is more like a spa than a dog wash. It's really easy to use...and we love when dogs come to visit our stores, so your VIPooch can expect to be seriously pampered. They'll look forward to their next visit. Finally, no more bathtime drama!

Our DIY Dog Washes have plenty of room for you and your dog to manoeuvre, and the water’s always nice and warm. You don’t need to bring a single thing along, other than your dirty doggo. We’ve thought of everything.

Just pop your dog inside and get the water flowing, then use the dial to dispense shampoo or conditioner. There’s even flea and tick treatment rinse, plus a drying cycle. Not that it matters if your dog decides to shake it off inside our DIY Dog Wash, of course. The whole area is completely waterproof, so there’s no mess for you to clean up afterwards. Now that’s what we call a win-win scenario!

Our DIY Dog Wash costs just ten dollars for ten minutes, and accepts gold coins, as well as five and ten dollar notes.


Altona North

Our Altona North store has two DIY Dog Washes! One’s inside the store and is only open during store hours. The other is located outside the store, right near the entrance, and it’s accessible 24/7, even when our store's closed.


Our new Burwood store has a double DIY dog wash located outside the store entrance, so you can give your dog a wash whenever you like.

Chirnside Park

At our Chirnside Park store, our DIY Dog Wash is located inside the store, so you and your dog will need to visit us during store hours.

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