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Dog Food Online

Dog Food Online What’s wrong with buying dog food from the supermarket? You’ve probably ... Read more
Dog Food Online

Dog Food Online

What’s wrong with buying dog food from the supermarket?

You’ve probably noticed that the brands we stock here are Habitat are more expensive than the dog food you’ll find at your local supermarket. There’s a reason for that. While supermarket food might satisfy your best friend’s appetite, it’s not always great for their health.

Here at Habitat, we only stock premium brands – brands made with top-shelf ingredients, designed to benefit your dog’s wellbeing. Once you’ve seen the difference premium food makes to your dog, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to switch.

What types of dog food are there?

For starters, there’s dry dog food. Some kinds of dry food are baked, like Black Hawk or Taste of the Wild. Other kinds of dry dog food are air dried, like Ziwi Peak or Absolute Holistic.

Next up, there’s wet food. Most wet food is canned, although some brands make trays or pouches of wet food. Check out Ivory Coat or Billy + Margot wet food if you’re looking for somewhere to start.

The final kind of food we offer at Habitat is raw food. Just like the name implies, it’s literally raw. Those who feed their dog raw food believe it’s the way nature intended dogs to eat. If you’d like to try raw feeding, just keep in mind that we can’t ship raw food through the post, and you’ll need to visit our store to pick up your order.

What kind of food is best for my dog?

That’s a tough one. It’s up to you – and your dog! Some dogs prefer canned food over dry food. You could always treat your dog to both, giving them a wet meal in the morning and dry food in the evening…or adding a few spoons of wet food on top of dry food. Phew! So many options...

Why should I buy dog food online from Habitat?

Easy. Habitat Pet Supplies is based in Melbourne, with three amazing stores…and a bunch of even amazinger staff! If you’re a local, come and say hi! But the thing is, wherever you live, you’ll love shopping with us online. We’ve got a huge range for all kinds of pets, as well as always-low prices. Not to mention handy flat rate shipping. Still curious? Find out what people are saying about shopping with us here.
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