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Cat Raw & Fresh Food

Cat Raw & Fresh Food

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Raw Cat Food

Is raw feeding just for dogs?

Nope. We know lots of very lucky kitties who thrive on a raw diet. Our range of raw food for cats includes products from Big Dog and Prime 100 – two of the biggest raw brands around.

What is raw feeding?

Most pet food is cooked at some stage. Which is fair enough – it makes is safe and easy to store. But the process of heating food damages the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that make food so good for your pet. That’s where raw feeding comes in. Eating raw helps your pet get the most out of every meal. Fans of raw feeding say it’s the way nature intended your cat to eat.

Is raw feeding good for cats?

Many cats benefit from a raw diet. All those extra vitamins and minerals will have them looking and feeling a million bucks. It’s great for their teeth, and they love the taste.

Does Habitat deliver raw cat food and meat to my door?

Not yet, unfortunately. Our raw cat food is available for Click and Collect orders only. When ordering anything from our range of raw cat food, you’ll need to come and pick it up in person from one of our stores. You’ll find Habitat in three handy locations across Melbourne.

If you think raw feeding sounds like a great idea, but you’re not anywhere near our stores, try Ziwi Peak, Meow or Absolute Holistic.

I’ve never shopped at Habitat before. Can you tell me a little more?

No problem! We’re based in Melbourne, and we have three pretty amazing stores in Altona North, Chirnside Park and Burwood. Come and meet the team! Here’s a little more about Habitat – and, if you’re still curious, take a look at some of our customer reviews.
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