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Meow – freeze dried cat food, made in New Zealand

There are so many different brands of cat food around. What makes Meow so good?

Where do we even start? Meow is made in New Zealand from only the best ingredients. And it’s not cooked – instead, it’s freeze dried. When it’s time to feed your hungry kitty, just pour a small scoop of Meow food into their bowl, and add a little water. The result? An irresistible, raw meal that's loaded with nutrient-dense superfoods and protein. Your cat will love Meow!

Why is freeze dried food good for my cat?

Experts agree that raw food is great - but it’s not exactly easy to feed your kitty raw food all the time. Meow food is made raw, then gently freeze dried to lock in all the natural vitamins and minerals present in raw food that would otherwise have been lost in the cooking process. It doesn't need to be refrigerated or frozen like raw food does. Just store it in a dry place, the same way you would dry food!

What about dogs? Can they enjoy a bowl of Meow too?

Dogs would probably prefer a bow of Woof, to be honest. It’s everything we love about Meow, but for dogs. Click here to take a closer look at Woof – your dog will thank you.

Habitat? I’m new here – tell me why I should shop with you…

We’re a small business with a whopping great big heart. And we love pets just as much as you do. We’re based in Melbourne - but the thing is, wherever you live, you can still shop at Habitat online. Find out what people are saying about us here, or get to know us a little better here.
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