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Dry Cat Food

Dry Cat Food What’s the best dry food for cats? Ooh, big call. That’s up to you and your... Read more
Dry Cat Food

Dry Cat Food

What’s the best dry food for cats?

Ooh, big call. That’s up to you and your cat to decide, but we can let you know about some of our most popular brands. Royal Canin and Hill’s Science Diet make a good place to start – they’re two of our biggest brands. We also recommend Black Hawk, Ivory Coat – and you definitely need to check out Orijen and Taste of the Wild too!

Basically, we’re big fans of all the brands we sell. That’s why we stock the brands we do! Whatever you choose, we’re quietly confident your cat is going to love it…

What if my cat DOESN’T love it though?

No problem. We know cats are the fussiest things around. Our Palatability Guarantee has you covered. If you buy your kitty a bag of dry food and they’re not into it, you can return it to us for a refund or exchange – there’s a few conditions to take into account, but it’s really easy. You can find more here.

What kinds of dry cat food will I find at Habitat?

Most of our dry cat food is baked kibble – like Advance or Meals for Meows, for instance – they’re two more of our favourites. We also stock air-dried food, like Absolute Holistic and Ziwi Peak. They’re made raw, then slowly dried to lock in all the natural goodness of raw food. There’s also Meow and Feline Natural, which are freeze dried foods. They’re made raw, then dehydrated to create food that’s healthy and irresistible to kitties.

Should I feed my cat wet food as well as dry cat food?

Cats love wet food. If your cat’s not getting enough water in their diet (cats can be strangely fussy about drinking water) then wet food is a great way to keep them hydrated. For older cats, wet food is easier on their teeth. Here’s our range of wet food for cats.

I’m new here. What do I need to know about shopping with Habitat?

Here's the deal: established in 2012, we’re based in Melbourne, and we've got three stores, each with a team of knowledgeable, experienced staff. Come and say hi if you’re in Melbourne! Or shop with us online – wherever you live, you’ll love our range. We offer flat rate shipping, plus Afterpay and Zip! Welcome!
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