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Cat Bowls & Feeders

Cat Bowls and Water Bowls How do I choose the right bowl for my cat? Cats are famously f... Read more
Cat Bowls & Feeders

Cat Bowls and Water Bowls

How do I choose the right bowl for my cat?

Cats are famously fussy about what goes into their bowl. But did you know they can be just as picky about their bowl itself? It’s true. Many cats hate getting their whiskers in their food, which is why cat bowls are often shallower than dog bowls. Cat bowls are also smaller than dog bowls – ideal for kitty-sized meals.

How do I get my cat to drink more water?

Lots of cat people leave nice bowls of fresh water out every day for their kitties, only to discover them standing on the bench, drinking water from the bathroom sink. It’s an instinct that goes back to when cats lived in the wild, where still water often meant danger. Try a water fountain instead. They filter your cat’s water and keep it moving to appeal to cats. We also recommend adding wet food to your kitty’s diet. It’s high in moisture content, which helps your cat stay hydrated.

My cat eats their food way too quickly! How can I slow them down?

Eating too quickly is a big problem for cats. It not only leaves them feeling uncomfortable – it can also lead to serious digestive health issues. Help your cat enjoy their food at a more sedate pace with one of our slow feeder bowls and mats for cats. They’re designed to force your cat to eat their food more slowly, savouring each bite for a healthier, happier tummy and a calmer digestive system.

I haven’t heard about Habitat yet – can you tell me more?

Certainly! We’re based in Melbourne, and we’ve been around since 2012. We have three stores – Altona North, Chirnside Park and Burwood – but if you’re not a local, you can shop online at Habitat from anywhere in Australia. We offer no-nonsense flat rate shipping, as well as payment options including Afterpay and Zip. If you’re still curious, here’s our About page.
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