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Cat Litter & Cat Litter Trays

Cat Litter & Cat Litter Trays

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Cat Litter and Cat Litter Trays

When you gotta go…

Cats are notoriously picky. And it’s not just about their food. When nature calls, cats want everything to be absolutely purrfect. No need to worry – our range of cat litter and cat litter trays has everything under control. We’ve got a combo to suit every cat. Your kitty deserves nothing less.

How do I choose the best cat litter for my cat?

For starters, cats are creatures of habit. If you decide to change your cat’s litter, do it gradually, adding a little bit of the new litter to their old litter every day until you’ve transitioned your cat completely.

Here at Habitat, we offer lots of different kinds of cat litter. We specialise in litter that’s made from natural, eco-friendly ingredients. Take a look at Soya Clump or Rufus and Coco cat litter – they’re made from by-products from the soy milk and rice industries and they’re really smart. There’s also crystal cat litter that’s clean, has a nice scent and clumps for easy cleaning. Some can even be flushed down the toilet!

Looking for cat litter trays?

No problem. We've got plenty to choose from. Open trays are a simple and affordable option. For cats who prefer a little more privacy, covered cat litter trays make the perfect choice. They also help prevent litterbox odours from spreading. And for cats who are convinced they’re really dogs and want to dig holes? Try a high sided litter tray.

Tell me more about Habitat!

We’re pet people, just like you. We’re based in Melbourne, with three stores so far – and you can shop with us online, too! You'll love our no-nonsense flat rate shipping, as well as flexible payment options including Afterpay and Zip. If you’re still curious, you can find out what our customers are saying about shopping with us here.
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