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Woof Freeze Dried Dog Food – made in New Zealand

Why is Woof any different to other dry dog foods?

For starters, Woof is made in New Zealand with all the best ingredients, including lots of meat, as well as nutrient-rich superfoods. Another thing that makes Woof different? It’s not cooked! It’s made raw, then gently freeze dried to create dry food that can sit in your pantry for ages.

Is freeze dried food good for dogs?

Definitely! It allows all the benefits of raw feeding, without any of the inconvenient bits. When it’s time for your doggo’s dinner, just scoop a little Woof into your dog’s bowl, then stir in a little water to create a meaty casserole your dog will love.

What about cats though?

No problem. Take a look at Meow – it’s the same as Woof, but just for cats! Even the fussiest feline won’t be able to say no to Meow...

Can you tell me more about Habitat?

Of course! We’re based in Melbourne, with three stores so far – one in Chirnside Park, one in Burwood and the other in Altona North. And we’re online too! We offer flat rate shipping Australia-wide. Still curious? Take a look at our About page, or check out some of our customers' reviews. Welcome!
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