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K9 Natural Dog Food and Treats

K9 Natural Dog Food and Treats

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K9 Natural Dog Food and Treats

What makes K9 Natural food different to other dog foods?

A big part of why we love K9 Natural so much is where it’s made. Manufactured in New Zealand using only the best – and we mean the best – ingredients around, like sustainably-sourced fish, grass-fed beef and more, K9 Natural is pure, natural goodness. It's full of tasty meat and available in a heap of different flavours. Your dog will love every bite!

What does the range include?

It’s a complete diet for your dog. There’s nutrient-rich, freeze dried food, plus a range of canned food. Treats? Yep, there’s plenty of them. Then, there’s K9 Naturals Toppers – they’re handy, pint-sized packets you can sprinkle on top of your doggo’s dinner to make whatever they’re eating even more irresistible.

What about cats though?

No problem. For cats, there’s Feline Natural, which includes dry food, treats and more for cats. Why should dogs have all the fun anyway?

I’m new here – who are Habitat?

We’re your best friend’s best friend, that’s who. We stock a huge range of stuff for dogs, including a huge range of premium foods, treats, toys, beds, leads, collars…you name it! We have three stores here in Melbourne, and we ship orders every day to locations all over Australia. Find out more about Habitat here, or find out what our customers say about shopping with us here.
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