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LickiMat Slow Feeding Mats for Dogs and Cats

What’s a LickiMat?

It’s a flat, textured mat you can spread with a soft treat, like meat or wet food, for your pet to enjoy. The thing is, because the LickiMat is textured, your pet will have to lick (and lick and lick) to get every morsel of their tasty treat. It’s a challenge that’ll keep your pet occupied for hours.

What’s the big deal with licking?

Licking is actually great for your pet. It releases a hormone into their body that makes them feel calmer, which makes the LickiMat perfect for stressed out pets. The textured surface of the LickiMat also scrapes your pet’s tongue, which encourages a healthier mouth and fresher breath.

Is the LickiMat just for dogs, or can cats join in the fun too?

There’s absolutely no way cats will want to miss out on the LickiMat! Most LickiMats are suitable for cats as well as small to medium dogs and even puppies. For bigger dogs, there’s a special, larger version of the LickiMat Buddy that’s made just for them.

I’m new here. Tell me more about Habitat Pet Supplies!

Welcome! Established in 2012, we’re a family owned pet supplies retailer based in Melbourne. We have stores in Altona North, Burwood and Chirnside Park – and we launched online in 2018 so people (and pets) all over Australia can experience what makes Habitat unique. You can find out more about Habitat here – or click here to take a look at what our customers think about shopping with us.
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