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Breeders Choice

Breeders Choice

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Breeder’s Choice Cat Litter

Why should I switch my cat to Breeder’s Choice?

It’s top quality cat litter, it comes in a huuuuge bag and it makes cleaning up after your cat amazingly easy. It’s suitable for cats of all ages and breeds, and it’s proudly Australian made. Really, why wouldn’t you switch to Breeder’s Choice?

What makes Breeder’s Choice cat litter different to other cat litters?

Breeder’s Choice is the eco-friendly choice for your cat. It's made from recycled paper to reduce your cat's environmental pawprint - even the packaging is recyclable and biodegradable! Plus, Breeder's Choice is unbleached and chemical free, which makes it 100% safe for your kitty. Breeder’s Choice is highly absorbent and eliminates odours…and did we mention it’s great value?

Why should I buy cat litter online from Habitat? Isn’t it expensive to send?

Nope! Here at Habitat, we offer handy flat rate delivery. We’re based in Melbourne, with three big green stores in Altona North, Chirnside Park and Burwood. Still curious? Click here if you’d like to know more about us. Or take a look at what our customers are saying about shopping at Habitat - spoiler alert: it's all good!
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