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Frontline Plus

Frontline Plus

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Frontline Plus Flea Treatment for Dogs and Cats

Pew pew pew! With Frontline Plus, it’s war on fleas…

And it’s not just fleas: ticks are history too! Frontline Plus works really really fast to kill fleas at all stages of their lifecycle, including not only the fleas living on your pet but also in their surroundings, so your pet isn’t re-infested.

How do I use Frontline Plus?

Frontline Plus is a topical, spot-on flea treatment. Every month, just grab one of the little tubes inside the box and squirt it onto the back of your pet’s neck. Frontline Plus will take care of the rest, charging into battle to tackle fleas and ticks - and come out victorious! Frontline Plus needs to be applied every month, and it’s available in three packs and six packs. Really, it couldn't be easier.

Which Frontline Plus is right for my pet?

It’s important to use the right Frontline Plus for your pet’s weight, so before you buy Frontline make sure you know how much your pet weighs. Frontline is suitable for dogs of all sizes, and there’s Frontline Plus for cats too, because no pet should have to put up with fleas.

I’m new to Habitat – can you tell me more about yourselves?

No problem! We’re Habitat – Australia’s newest home to pet supplies. We’re based in Melbourne, and we have three stores so far. But now we’re online, you can shop with us anywhere in Australia. We offer handy flat rate shipping, as well as flexible payment options, including Afterpay and Zip. Here’s a little more about us, if you’re interested!
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