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Outward Hound

Outward Hound

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Outward Hound Puzzle Feeders and Slow Feeders for Dogs

What’s wrong with just feeding my dog from a regular dog bowl?

Nothing! But if your dog’s wolfing down their food like it’s going out of fashion, that could be a problem. Eating too quickly can lead to serious health problems for your doggo, like indigestion and bloating. A slow feeder bowl is designed to slow down your dog’s meals, forcing them to take time to digest their food properly.

What’s the idea behind Outward Hound’s puzzle feeders, then?

Puzzle feeders aren’t meant to replace your dog’s bowl. They’re best used with treats, or extra pieces of food on top of your dog’s regular meal. Outward Hound’s unique puzzle feeders help keep bored dogs occupied and stimulated – ideal if your dog’s barking all the time or excavating the back yard...

But what if my dog doesn’t get the hang of puzzle feeding?

Dogs are really smart, but sometimes they need a little help from humans. The team at Outward Hound recommend sitting with your dog as they get used to their puzzle feeder, rather than leaving them to work it out for themselves. All their puzzle feeders are able to be adapted for beginners, then you can make it more and more difficult as your dog’s problem-solving skills develop.

What do I put into my dog’s puzzle feeder?

They work best with really yummy treats! Dry food is also good.

I’m new here – can you tell me more about Habitat?

Of course! We’re based in Melbourne, with three amazing stores in Altona North, Chirnside Park and Burwood. We’re also online! We just know you and your doggo are going to love our range of dog food, bowls, toys, treats and more. Take a look around – here’s what our customers are saying about shopping with us, if you’re curious.
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