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Prime 100

Prime 100

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Prime100 Raw Food and Dry Food

Tell me about Prime100...

No problem. Just like Habitat, Prime100 are based in sunny Melbourne, and they make a range of food for dogs (and cats!) that’s designed to help your pet live every day to the fullest! The Prime100 range includes raw food for dogs and cats, as well as dry dog food – plus tasty treats.

Why should I feed my pet Prime100 raw?

Prime’s range of raw rolls and bones is simple, natural and full of goodness. Also, your pet won’t be able to resist them! Just keep in mind that if you purchase Prime100’s fresh range, you’ll need to be able to visit one of our stores to pick up your order in person, as we’re not able to ship raw food

What’s the difference between Prime100 ZeroG dry dog food and other dry foods?

Many dry foods combine lots of different kinds of protein. Which is fine – but for dogs with sensitive tummies, Prime100’s ZeroG SPD food makes a great choice. SPD stands for Single Protein Diet – each flavour contains only one source of protein, as well as a host of vitamin-rich, low GI ingredients.

Why are people talking about Habitat Pet Supplies?

Well, we are pretty amazing, if we don’t say so ourselves. Established in 2012, Habitat is a family-owned business with stores in Altona North, Burwood and Chirnside Park. But you don’t need to be a local to shop with us - we offer flat rate shipping anywhere in Australia. Still curious? Here’s why people love shopping with us!
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