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Puppia Dog Harnesses - and so much more!

Who are Puppia?

Puppia is what you get when you combine the words “puppy” and “utopia” – because what could be better than a world full of dogs? We can’t imagine anything better. The people at Puppia obviously agree. They’re based in South Korea, and their creations include everything from comfy dog harnesses to poop bag dispensers – even cute costumes for your dog!

What about cats though?

Cats don’t have to miss out! Check out Puppia’s range of cat scarves – they’re totally adorable and designed especially for very stylish kitties.

What’s the story behind Habitat Pet Supplies?

Hi! We’re an independent pet supplies retailer based in Melbourne, with three pretty amazing stores. Not a Melbourne local? No problem – shop with us online! We offer flat rate shipping anywhere in Australia, as well as a huge range of goodies for dogs, cats and more. You can find out more about the Habitat team here, or click here to take a peek at what our customers are saying about us.
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