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TastyBone Dog Toys

Why are TastyBone toys such a hit with dogs?

This is probably stating the obvious, but dogs love to chew stuff. Usually stuff you don’t want them to chew. The thing with TastyBone dog toys is that they’re not only lots of fun to chew, they’re tasty, too - available in a heap of flavours that will keep your dog coming back for more.

Wait – they’re flavoured?

Yep. TastyBone dog toys are infused with flavour. And not your average, boring flavours either. We’re talking irresistible flavours like beef wellington, bacon, beef and red wine…and a lot more.

But is the TastyBone a toy or a treat? What’s it made from?

The TastyBone is a toy. Each TastyBone is made from nylon (or rubber!) and designed for your dog to chomp. Gradually, the nylon wears down, as little by little your dog detaches tiny pieces, which pass harmlessly through their digestive system. Once the TastyBone wears down to a size that could fit into your dog’s mouth, throw the TastyBone away – and make sure you’ve got another one ready to go, because your dog will want to know what you’ve done with their favourite toy.

So, tell me more about Habitat…

No problem – we love chatting about ourselves. Established in 2012, we’re Australia’s newest online home to pet supplies. We’re based in Melbourne, and if you’re around Altona North, Burwood or Chirnside Park, you (and your dog!) should definitely come and say hi. If you’re not a local, that’s okay - we offer flat rate, Australia-wide shipping. Here’s a little more about us!
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