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The Krabooz

The Krabooz

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Krabooz Hermit Crab Enclosures and Accessories

What’s a Krabooz?

It’s a colourful range of enclosures, food, toys and accessories, all designed just for hermit crabs! The Krabooz collection has everything you need to help you look after your hermit crabs – and while it’s designed for kids, there’s nothing to stop adults from joining in the fun too...

What makes The Krabooz so unique?

Simple – they're so much fun! There are four Krabooz tribes to choose from – the K-Huds, the Somagos, the Cha-Chas and the Coomaras - and each has their own set of values, likes and dislikes. You can choose just one tribe and coordinate your Krabooz enclosure to match, or mix and match accessories from the whole Krabooz range.

What are hermit crabs like as pets?

They’re easy to care for and really interesting to watch. You’ll love keeping an eye on their adventures as they climb and make their way around their enclosure! With the Krabooz, caring for hermit crabs couldn’t be easier. To help you get started, you’ll have access to the Krabooz app, which reminds you when it’s time to feed your Krabooz and change their water.

Tell me more about Habitat!

Certainly! We love all kinds of pets here at Habitat HQ. We’re a small business with three stores in Melbourne, but now we’re online, pet people all over Australia can join in the Habitat fun! We offer flat rate shipping to any address in Australia, plus Afterpay and Zip as payment options.
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